Tile (Stone, glass, porcelain, ceramic and clay tile.)

We specialize in new home custom tile projects, custom tile remodels and large commercial tile/slab projects. Conway Tile’s professional installers will take out your old kitchen counters and/or backsplashes, as well as bathroom showers and tub surrounds. We also do flooring remodels, including removal of existing floor coverings, removing and reinstalling toilets and installation of new flooring for your home. We have the manpower, skill and OSHA training to complete your commercial and residential projects on time.

Known for it’s classical warmth or modern sophistication, tiles come in all shapes, sizes and colors, but their distinct characteristics can mean the difference between a successful installation or failure.

For instance, when using porcelain or glass tile, the setting materials must be upgraded since normal thin-set adhesives do not have the bonding power for such impervious type materials.

Glass mosaics, which have gained much popularity lately with their vibrant color and translucency, should be installed in white – rather than gray thin-set. Wood-look plank tiles are very popular and require a 33% offset to minimize lippage on the floors. Some types of tiles require epoxy setting materials such as green marble.

We are the local distributor and installer of SunTouch electric floor heating for your stone, porcelain, ceramic and mosaic tile floors. This is typically used for bathroom floors, but can be used on many applications including shower floors and exterior decks. These applications will typically require some work by a licensed, bonded electrician.

As a professional tile and stone contractor, we make sure your valued investment is installed correctly!

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